Concatpurrate / Concatpurration

Concatpurrate / Concatpurration (Catfinition): The actions a household takes to make a feline happy and keep it purring; the establishment of a process and structure for the purpose of

In Use: Michael concatpurrated his daily arrangements to feed the cats early, while opening and closing doors for them to come and go during the night, sacrificing his sleep for his cats’ happiness. He rationalized his concatpurration by telling himself, if he didn’t concatpurrate like that, they’d be fighting and meowing all night, and constantly scratching at doors.


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  1. Example of concatpurration in this house: Getting up in the small hours of the morning when Doodlecat yodels for a drink of water. He WILL NOT drink from a bowl. I bought him one of those “pet water fountain” things that keeps water cycling constantly, but he wouldn’t use that, either. He will drink only from a faucet. I’m going to buy him a pet water bottle set-up (just don’t let him know it was made for rabbits!) next and see if that works.

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    1. I laugh in catpathy. Been there, forced to do that, while wondering, what is going on in that feline brain. I currently have four water dishes out, due to the heat. I watch one cat pass one up and go out to drink from another bowl, while another cat enters and drinks from the first bowl.

      Let me know how that pet water bottle set-up goes. Cheers

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