The Wide Receiver

I once met a man who’d been a wide-receiver.

We’d gone through a new acquisition. Marketing asked me if I wanted a job. He was the Director of Marketing, and my new boss.

Our business was coronary and peripheral catheters. I was just learning the business. He took me to hospitals. We’d watch procedures. He’d explain things and introduce me to people.

We spent a lot of time on the road, and learned things about each other. He’d been a wide-receiver in high school and college. Small, he’d been fast, quick, intelligent, and disciplined. Good route runner. But as he progressed, he encountered competition from other wide-receivers. They were faster, bigger, and stronger, and just as intelligent and disciplined.

Eventually, he left that field, but he loved football, so he became a high school football coach. Through it all, from the first spark of desire, running was what kept him going. He ran five miles every day. One night, while sharing a bottle of wine with our dinner, he confided, “I run every day, because I’m afraid to stop. I’m afraid that if I stop, I won’t ever run again.”

I think of Jon tonight because I thought, I need a break from writing. Like Jon, I’m afraid, that if I take a break, the seed that defines the essence of who I believe I am will dry up and crumble.



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  1. I also often feel if I stop writing I may not be able to start again. Having had to put such an essential part of myself to one side to pursue other things, it’s quite an intense anxiety.

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    1. Too true, ED, all of it. At moments like this, I often think of Emma Thompson as a writer, Karen Eifel. Karen is often taut and pensive as she struggles with writing her novel, and goes off, prowling and smoking cigarettes. That’s what I really want, not a break, but a chance to prowl and think more deeply. That requires a break from routine, but not a break from writing. I didn’t recognize what I needed until after the post was published.

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