Pawticular (definition): A cat’s food, drinking or sleeping preference.

In use: “Scheckter was pawticular about drinking water from the bathroom sink while it dribbled out in low volume.”


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  1. Doodle, too, is very pawticular about drinking from the bathroom sink’s faucet. He WON’T drink from a bowl. Today, he’s been standing on the edge of the sink and howling the way he does when he wants a drink, but then he just looks at the water. Perhaps the faucety aftertaste he likes so much is not adequate today, or something like that.

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    1. LOL. Yes, sometimes Scheckter would bat the water as though he was confirming it was actually running. Meep loves running water. That can create problems when I’m cleaning in the kitchen, as he wants up there to supervise the water’s flow.

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