catstable is a feline who holds pawfice to enforce cat laws. Catstables face many difficulties enforcing cat laws, predominantly in that it’s not actually an pawfice, except in their mind. Enforcing cat laws is also problematic because they’re not written down, but haphazardly passed on between generations. Cat laws, and their meanings, often fluctuate between indoor/outdoor cats, feral cats, strictly indoor cats, etc. That encumbers catstable ability to properly execute their pawfice. Capping the difficulty scale, though, is that humans like to think their laws, customs and activities are above feline laws.

Cats disagree.

This is why, no matter what’s taking place, one or more catstables will come on the scene to observe and enforce the laws.


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  1. We’re having a bit of trouble in our house right now because we have a feline guest (“Technically, he’s our brother,” says Paul about our Y-parent’s cat Stony.) who doesn’t know The Way Things Are Done amongst the other cats. Tabitha is the de facto catstable, because she’s the matriarch of this little pride of juniper cats. She gets quite frustrated with Stony when he tries to do things that are not The Way Things Are Done, such as play with a cat the way he plays with the dogs at HIS house.

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