Apologies, Universe

Well, universe,

Here I am again. I was a little hard on you in Spiteful Stuff yesterday. I guess I was disappointed because I thought I was your favorite. I was hurt, and I ranted.

Since, I’ve had time to consider the entire situation. Sure, I still believe you were a little spiteful. Perhaps I was being ungrateful and taking you for granted, and you were mad about that. If so, forgive me. After all, as I think about it, the visit with family was enjoyable. The house didn’t burn down in my absence, and no catastrophes were reported among the feline population. The United flights, while wrecked by creeping delays, were not disastrous. We’re alive and well. You did take care of me.

So, my apologies. I hope this episode is in our rear view mirrors. Maybe we can get together and have a beer or cup of coffee or tea, or a glass of wine.

Please let me know. Cheers


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