Grokking It

I grok the story but don’t know if others can. It’s the writing challenge: you see, hear, feel and experiences these stories being told in details and colors and sounds technology can’t approach. Your job, Writer, is to capture these events, people and places, and organize it in a coherent, satisfying and entertaining matter.

That’s my interpretation of writing. Yours may vary.

Grok is a word that Robert Heinlein created in ‘A Stranger In A Strange Land’. It’s a classic novel. His expression, grok, has spread like wildflowers in the spring, going far beyond a word in a novel to have other meetings. The essence of grok remains the same for me: to intuitively grasp and understand a matter. It has larger and more expansive definitions and usage, but that’s the essential distilled for my use.

I’m encountering the grok gap while I’m writing. It’s a pretty familiar with whatever I’m writing. I grok what’s happening in my novel. I need to explain it to everyone who isn’t me. That meant spending a few days further defining terms and relationships. The big one is the ideopat. It is telepathy among the Travail Avresti Forus and Seth, and the Travail Favrashi Forus and Seth but telepathy is but one component among the names, gults, vhylla and races. I needed another term for one of the other components because it doesn’t fit with human knowledge and experiences.

While researching my invention, which ended up being termed the phena for now, after reading about consciousness, phenomenon and epiphenomenon, I grok and researched it for a while. After all, phena and grok share commonalities. The insights I encountered about what grok meant and was used in the original novel opened my thinking. Such sessions are always the most satisfying and treasured for me.

I hope you grok what I mean.


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      1. Oh, THAT.

        Yeah…I was. Sorry, I was just goofing you with that ‘Story?’ stuff. I don’t know ‘Long Summer’ will ever be finished. I may end up like Prof. Grady Tripp in ‘The Wonder Boys’, forever writing a novel. I was reflecting today, this thing may well end up being published posthumously. Even so, I’m having a great time writing it, probably too much fun.Today, as I finished writing one chapter and went off and did yard work, Travail Avresti Forus Ker’s life spread before me, and I thought, wow – there’s another novel there to be written, just about ‘him’. Because he’s a ‘him’ now, but that can change in their society. Such realizations are so stimulating.

        Thank you for the interest, Thomas. Cheers

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