Mooday’s Wandering Thoughts

Heck of a week for guns in the news.

Missouri – A Black teenager is shot in the head and chest by an 85-year-old white male homeowner. Homeowner accused the teenager of trying to break in. Teenager was at the wrong house to pick up his siblings.

Sweet sixteen party was rocked by four deaths and thirty-two injured in a mass shooting in rural Alabama.

A Louisville park saw two killed and four others wounded in a mass shooting this past weekend.

Up in New York, a car full of girls turned up the wrong driveway and was fired upon by the homeowner. One of the girls died. She was twenty.

We were just recovering from the Louisville bank shooting last week where five were killed, along with the young killer, and eight others were injured, and the Nashville Christian school a few weeks before, were three children and three adults were killed, and now we have this weekend to remind us of the effectiveness of thoughts and prayers when it comes to guns and murder.

Monday, the first day of the week, is just closing down. Could be a long week.

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