The Dragon Eggs Dream

I was alone walking. Weather and the environment were pleasant and unthreatening. Trees, green grass, clear blue sky.

I’d been going along an enormous white cement culvert. Veering away from it, I found eight objects suspended in a line in the air about four feet above the ground. About the size of a human head, they were mostly pink, green, light blue, purple, yellow, gold, red, etc. They seemed either metal or foil and reminded me of wrapped chocolate Easter eggs.

With little thought, I plucked the purple one from the line’s middle. Amazingly light, I was absolutely sure it was a dragon egg. All these things floating in the air were dragon eggs. Part of my mind saw the dragons bursting from their eggs with scales of that color covering them.

Thinking I would juggle the eggs, I pulled another one and tossed the purple and then red one into the air, then grabbed a yellow one and tossed it up. When I did that, all the eggs went into the air and began spinning in a circle around me. They all followed the same orbit. Their path created a multi-hued ring. As I ooh’d and awe’d over that, a bright light flashed in the circle’s center. Within a second, the center was a starry rift. An opening, a portal, I thought.

White light reached for me. I awoke.

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