Sunday’s Theme Music

This song has been with me just a little less than eight years of my life. I probably heard it through Mom, but I’m sure A.M. radio played a part.

“Under the Boardwalk” caught my attention as a child because of that chorus, “under the boardwalk.” I liked singing it. As I learned the other pieces, I started singing them, too. I enjoyed the Drifters’ call and response, and the song’s mellow tempo. As I grew older and started understanding the words, I appreciated the lyrics’ sentiments about being out of the sun and the song’s imagery. I knew those days when the asphalt baked and the sand sizzled and you sought cool relief or shade, and you sat with friends in a secret place, hearing other sounds and giggling.

Eventually, I caught up with the song’s romantic connotations. Now, it’s a nostalgic stream to a simpler, happier, and more innocent time, that of my youth. And though it’s about the summer, and the beach, it’s really a song for all ages and places.

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