Word Problem

Problem: You are walking at four miles per hour, approaching a crosswalk that is thirty feet away.

A car is coming toward you at twenty-six miles per hour. It is three hundred feet away from the crosswalk.

Which of you will reach the crosswalk first?

Answer: The car. They’ll speed up to ensure they won’t need to stop for you at the crosswalk.


3 thoughts on “Word Problem

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  1. Yep, been there, seen that! So much for pedestrian right-of-way. In fact, where I live, those riding bicycles ride on the sidewalk and expect you to get out of their way. I have recently made the decision not to give way. ~nan

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    1. I’ve made that decision, too, nan. What exasperates me with the cyclists is that our roads have bike lanes on them, and we have bike paths to help people bike all over town. Why are they on the sidewalk?


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