Thursday’s Theme Music

Saw a photo that reminded me of this song.

I’d returned to America in February, nineteen ninety-one, taking up residence in the SF Bay area with an assignment as the Superintendent of the 750th Space Group Command Post at Onizuka Air Station in Sunnyvale. Most of the airmen assigned to the command post were young, and in their first assignment. Naturally, they listened to current music that ranged across the spectrum.

This song had been a major hit in America the previous year, so it was still heard often. It was also natural as comedic fodder because of its style. Something would happen, and someone would remark, “You can’t touch this.” Yes, it’s “U Can’t Touch This,” with MC Hammer.

Ah, it was fun times back in the days of yore, with a good group of people. The base is gone, and the people have spread out across the planet. I stay in contact with some via Facebook an other social media. I wish them all well.


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