Monday’s Theme Music

Sometimes, when firmly entrenched in the writing zone, I look up and ask myself, “Holy crap, what happened to the day?” Morning has passed into lunch, and lunch is long gone. I’m hungry and need a restroom. My coffee cup is almost empty; what remains is icicle cold. Looks like I’ve come to the end. Regret drenches me as I think of the other things that must be done, instead of writing, like eating and peeing. Yeah, weird, right?

But sometimes, when I’m in the zone, theme music like The Cars, “Good Times Roll,” comes over me. “Let the good times roll. Let them knock you around.” Yeah.

Writing so often is a series of logic problems that I create that I must then solve. Why did this happen? How was it resolved? Writing is solving one big question, the story’s arc, through multiple arcs, stories, and anecdotes that twist perceptions, throws up confusion, advances the premise, reveals more of the story, and helps the characters develop.

Ah, well. Let the good times roll, when they happen. “If the illusion is real, let them give you a ride.” It’s days like these, when I’m writing, and trying to exercise intelligence, imagination, and creativity, that I’m at my happiest, because I’m enjoying what I’m writing, but I’m enjoying it as much as a reader, because I’m just so deeply into it.

Let the good times roll.



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  1. The Cars debut album was solid. I listen to it on vinyl often. They have some very good songs. “You’re all I’ve Got Tonight ” and “My Best Friend’s Girl” are definitely worth listening too. Can’t forget “Moving in Stereo” from Fast Times at Ridgemont High.. total 4/4. The Cars is magic.

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