His Legacy

He always kept a clean house and well-maintained yard. He cleaned his car inside and out in all the seasons, creating a shiny beacon to others. This would be his legacy, he realized, as death’s shadow shaded his light: a clean house, a clean car, and a well-maintained yard.

That’s how he’d be remembered.


4 thoughts on “His Legacy

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    1. Definitely. I had a friend in mind. He retired over twenty-five years ago. He had one child, who passed away in a commercial airlines crash. His siblings and parents had since passed away. I knew little about him, only the points that I wrote of, until chatting with him more. He had a PhD and had been a major scientist with the US space program. He’s the one who made the comment that he thought his legacy would be a clean house and a nice yard.

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      1. Yes, especially an only child. He and his son had been close. His son, at thirty (I think that was the age given), was about to marry when the son was killed. The man is a quiet, friendly person. I’ve known him about six years. I never knew all these things about him until recently. I have many friends who are my parents’ age, but I only know these people through a few facets of their lives. I’ve been discreetly interviewing them because I want to know more about them. Their revelations astound me.

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