Pursuing the writing thread after my walk, sipping my first cuppa writing coffee (I drink one cup of coffee at home in the morning to start my heart), I’m thinking about America’s division. We come together for disasters. Hurricanes, wildfires, and other disasters bring us together to help and save one another. In those instances, we’re no longer just Americans, but humans, caring for one another.

Then someone takes a gun and kills several people. Suddenly we’re not humans toward each other, nor even Americans, but Liberals and Conservatives, hurling insults and threats at one another, and creating a storm of anger and hostility.

Will there ever come a time when we move beyond this, to that place where we’re always humans to each other, stepping up to help, without resorting to vitriol? I don’t know. I have hopes it’ll happen. Then someone writes or says something that I find stupid, offensive, or horribly wrong, and there I am, in the storm of anger once again.




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