Today’s Theme Music

Before there was Starship, there was Jefferson Starship. Before that group, there was Jefferson Airplane. They made some great songs.

This is not one of them.

This song came out in nineteen eighty-five. I didn’t like the song, but it frequently streamed into my head and found an infinite play loop. I didn’t know anyone who claimed to like this song, but it found a lot of airplay, and was proclaimed the number one hit for a period. Since then, it reached number one on several lists of worst songs. I felt better that I was not alone in not liking it.

The song, by Starship, is “We Built This City.” The rest of that line goes, “We built this city on rock and roll.” I used to sing, “We built this city while we were stoned.” I have nothing against Jefferson Airplane and the groups that came after them, nor against people being stoned, in general, or San Francisco. I enjoy San Francisco.

I just dislike this song.

Why, then, is it today’s theme music? Well, I awoke from a weird dream, and there it was, playing in my head. Damn, I gotta get it out.

By the way, today was the first time that I’ve seen the video. Consider it my gift to you.



2 thoughts on “Today’s Theme Music

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    1. I knew there had to be someone out there. A song doesn’t become number one without some fans.

      After posting the song, I wondered what it was about the song that I dislike. I can’t logically point at anything. It’s on some level that I don’t understand.

      Thanks for letting me know. Cheers


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