Power Pieces Dream

I dreamed that I discovered I had these pieces with the power to change the world.

The pieces weren’t special to regard. Several sets existed and seemed to serve different purposes. As I was just learning about these, I began sorting the shapes and noticing their colors. I began experimenting with their uses. For that purpose, I chose the black shapes. Each of these were about four inches long. Shaped like angle-iron, they appeared to be plastic.

I looked over a familiar scene from our town, Ashland, across the highway and valley to where Grizzly Peak rules a sloping landscape dominated by vineyards. Using the black power pieces, I put four along the bottom and top of the scene, and two more on either side. With these blocks outlining that scene, I knew I could change it. I knew I could put it anywhere I desired.

I was thrilled and pleased to realize I’d discovered that I had these power blocks and capability. I experienced an epiphany that I had the power to change. I wanted to learn more, and share the information with other people. As the dream concluded, I felt rewarded, satisfied, and optimistic.


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