Today’s Theme Music

Today’s song, “Sister Christian,” by Night Ranger, is an example of how music brings us together.

The song came was a hit in nineteen eighty-four. I lived on Okinawa at the time. I bought the album but I’m not a big Night Rangers fan. The album, though, entered the Sony CD turntable. A few years later, now stationed in Germany, I have a party going on at my house. Guests include a number of young airmen. This song comes on. Suddenly, two of them were yelling, “Oh my God, Night Ranger. I love Night Ranger. I love this song.”

So we cranked up the song, and the Bose 901s boomed it out. The lyrics are simple, and well-enunciated, and the song had received a lot of air play. Everyone present either knew the song, or proficiently faked it. Soon all present were performing in their best karoaka manner, minus microphones. It probably helped that we were drinking some fine German beer, doing shots of chilled Jagermeister, and we were several hours into the party.

I still smile in memory.


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