I have a middle-class American white boy penchant for matching my clothes. I’ve always done this. Mom encouraged it, conforming encouraged it and my wife encouraged it.

I was dismayed how easily I matched today in shades of gray and white – walking shorts, sweatshirt, shirt, shoes. Jaysus. Initiating a minor rebellion, I wore mis-matched socks: one is white, and the other is dark gray. Individually, each matches the ensemble, but not each other.

My choice pleased me but I admit to feeling a little askew. Then I wondered, who is going to notice this?

It’s been an hour. I walked half a mile, entered the coffee shop, visited with some friends, ordered my coffee, and bantered with the barista. Nobody has noticed my socks – or if they did, they didn’t comment on them.

I’m such a rebel.


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  1. I often wear mismatched socks, and on purpose, too. I even have a pair that I call my ‘Nightmare before Christmas’ socks…one has snowmen on the sock, the other has Halloween themed items (vampires, ghosts, etc.). They used to have mates, but each had a mate with a worn out toe and I combined them. No one ever notices, but I like the idea of being a rebel more. ~nan


    1. MISMATCHED! Drat, I used the wrong word.

      Love those socks you describe. I do have pairs like that, where one sock survived and has found a new partner, whose partner has also passed on. They’re usually ‘close enough’ that nobody notices, or remain too polite to comment! Thanks, nan!


    1. Yes, first there were power ties, and then there were power socks. I wore power ties, back in my marketing days. Never felt like they offered much. But this sock thing felt freeing. It reminded me of when I was a teenager, and stopped wearing underwear.

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