Cold Therapy Update

My cold therapy continues. It’s been two weeks since my last hot shower. I believe I’m finally adjusting.

Mind you, the temperature outside has been dropping to the mid-thirties at night, so the water is wickedly cold when I shower in the morning.

I believe I’m adjusting. My scrotum no longer leaves, slamming the door behind it in protest. I used to turn on the water, count to three and then ease in, a body area at a time, starting with my head. Then I began counting to three and leaping in. Now I step up and turn the shower on.

Bracing, baby.

It is invigorating. I love toweling off now, mostly because I enjoy re-acquiring warmth and feeling in my body parts.

I do use hot water for my face afterwards, because I’m shaving. I did cold water shaving in the field in the military. It’s not something I’m going to do again, if I can avoid it.



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