Starry Dream

It was a trip of  dream, setting itself up and apart from all the other dreams. Not long, nor very detail.

My perspective was outside of myself, so I could see me. It was a younger me, in a tan Member’s Only jacket so popular in the 1980s.

I was in a place I first thought of it as a void but I believe that’s incorrect. It wasn’t a void. It was in space, though, but there was gravity and I had no problems breathing. I was standing on something but it defied my senses to know what I stood upon.

A little old man was present, opposite me, essentially a bearded, robed, bespectacled fellow of cream-in-coffee complexion. He had an aura of age with a sense of being timeless. He was moving stars around.

I watched. He would move stars and then look off. Down, to the right, toward the world, to my left. I realized he was moving the stars and showing me the impact. I was delighted. “He’s helping me cheat,” I said to myself. Then I realized he wanted me to do as he was doing.

So I reached for a star.

I had to spread my arms as wide as I could to envelop the star. Glowing with soft golden light and shaped like an old-fashioned star on a Christmas tree, it was comfortable to hold, and very light. I moved it and then stepped back to see my work in the constellations. I was pleased and amazed. He was nodding while smiling encouragement.

He pointed back down toward the planet. I looked down and saw the changes I made. I knew I was doing that but my perspective only allowed me to see my dream self looking down. I couldn’t see what he saw, but I was laughing.

I thought, “How cool is this? He’s helping me re-arrange the stars.” I construed it to mean I was changing my fortunes, and that really excited dream me and watching me.

I think it’s a good dream to begin a new year.


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