I’m A Cat Person

I finish my shower. Stepping out, a cat approaches. He begins licking water off my leg. I stop drying until he’s done. When he finally pauses, I ask, “Are you done? Have you had enough?” Looking up and licking his lips, he turns and trundles away.


Leaving the office, I encounter one of the cat sitting in the hall and staring at the front door. Glancing at the door, I ask, “What are you watching?”


I’m eating a cobb salad in the office. One of the cats approach and sniffs. I offer them a bite…off my fork. When he turns down the first bite, I pick out a piece of turkey to offer him.


Chores need to be completed in the living room. They require the big ladder. However, two cats are asleep in swivel chairs by the fireplace. They look so sweet…I put the chores off. Easy decision.


Arriving home from my writing session, I walk around the house to check on the cats and see who needs let in and out and who needs fed, a treat or catnip. Then I take off my coat and gloves and go look for my wife. Along the way, I ask a cat, “Do you know where K is? She must be home. Her car is in a garage.”

The cat gives me a serious, level gaze. I can’t read his thoughts.


I keep the blinds down over the lower half of the office picture window to keep the room warm and provide privacy. But Tucker comes up and gazes at the window sill. I immediately raise a blind so he can get out there and look out. Heat and privacy be damned, we’re talking about cats, man!







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