Write the Scenes You Don’t Think Belong in Your Book

I’m an organic writer. Writing the scenes I don’t think belong is critical to the process. I glimpse pieces at a time. You know the analogy: writing is like driving on an unfamiliar road through the woods at night. You only glimpse the turns as you come upon them. In other words, I don’t always consciously know on one level what’s going to come, but deeper level seems to see and understand what’s happening. It;s my guide, my muse. Besides all of that, I need to write to understand what I think.

Writing the scenes I don’t expect is absolutely necessary to all of this.

A Writer's Path

books scenes

by Meg Dowell

Last week, I wrote a scene that both surprised and amazed me. NOT because I’m the best writer ever or because it’s the greatest piece of prose a human has ever written (nope and, uh, NOPE), but because I never planned on writing it at all.

In fact, the moment the idea wedged its way into my head, I immediately tried to reject it.

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