Writing a World Building Style Guide

Oh, yes. This is so true. I’d never heard this referenced as a style guide before. For me, it’s the bible, the background info to the characters, settings, plots and worlds. I’m pleased to learn others must keep a spelling and grammar guide as well. Cool post, and well worth reading.

Corey Truax

Bible_and_Key_Divination.jpgToday, I wanted to talk about style guides.  No, not the Chicago Manual of Style.  I’m talking about self-generated style guides that serve as a bible for your universe(s).  I’ve been working with the Human Legion recently, and I’ve spent some time organizing world buildings notes spanning multiple authors.  Different authors, writing different series, but in the same universe.

The solution, for me, was apparent — compile the notes and make a style guide to ensure consistency.  This was easier said than done.  Let’s talk about how to make one, what it can do, and potential information to keep within it.

A style guide, for those of you unfamiliar, is a tool to create consistency throughout a story, world, or universe.  It is tremendously helpful to an editor, because it will show them invented words, character information, and world background. We’ve talked about World Builder’s Disease before, a style guide…

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6 thoughts on “Writing a World Building Style Guide

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  1. My intellect is too small to require such an elaborate style guide. My novels would never span that much space, time, or that many people. But I have found it useful to produce a glossary, which I posted at my website, Muninn’s Memories.

    Now, if I could just finish one of the stories that goes with that world!

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    1. My intellect is too small, too – hence all the documents! LOL. Whatever works for each of us is the absolute best way to do it. I once tried the website method but ended up putting too much work into it. I’m always striving for a balance about how much effort should be entailed in maintaining these things.

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