Things I Don’t Miss

Didn’t need to scrap ice off my car this morning because it’s garaged. I felt for the neighbor out there de-icing his vehicle. There, I thought, is something I don’t miss, which launched me into musings about what else I don’t miss.

I don’t miss lite beers in any shape or vintage. Thank the gods for micro-brews and craft beers!

I don’t miss saving and counting pennies to buy a bag of pretzels as a treat or to go the movies. My years of extremely tight budgeting taught me the value of budgeting and saving but I enjoy indulging myself now, and I don’t miss those days at all!

I don’t miss military recalls, deployments and twelve hour shifts. I don’t miss midnight shifts, either, or pressing uniforms and getting haircuts all the time. Mission success was satisfying and I met some excellent people and saw the world, but I don’t miss all those other military accouterments.

I don’t miss cable television. Cable was cool and fun for a while but as it developed into a commodity and charged more and more while offering me less and less, it became a huge weight of disappointment. The smart television, Roku and streaming services aren’t perfect but they’re better than cable.

I don’t miss all those company meetings. Six AM, 9 PM…on some days with IBM I was on telephone calls and sorting and answering emails for hours. Don’t miss them at all, nor the annual performance report rituals. I really don’t miss completing expense reports. Just like the military, I enjoyed the company of some great people while I was with IBM (and the companies IBM absorbed, NetworkICE and ISS). Them, I miss. I also get a little misty eyed about the absent paycheck and its company.

I don’t miss old technology.  Take my old floppies – please (badaboom – tish). You can take them to where the IBM Selectrics and my Brother portable typewriters are buried, along with my old KayPro 10 and Zenith 150, and my clunky SVG and EVG color monitors, and 4.87 and 10 megahertz operating speeds.

It’s a short list of what I don’t miss. I had a good time through it all and came out fortunate in the end.

What don’t you miss?




8 thoughts on “Things I Don’t Miss

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  1. I appreciate my garaged car the same way you do. I’m very thankful for it when I’m driving through the neighborhood looking at people who have to scrape and brush snow off their cars. Like you, I don’t miss that either.

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  2. My husband Rob still has his KayPro 2, but he doesn’t use it any more, Michael. I think he is waiting to give it to a computer museum sometime in the future. He still has the floppies, too, but he prefers his newest computer. ~nan

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  3. Things I don’t miss:

    Not having enough to eat.

    Summer days with temperatures above 95F and 95% humidity.

    Neighbors who cuss at me for walking with a cane.

    Having a television on ALL THE TIME, even when no one is actually watching it.

    My former sister-in-law.

    Doctors who insist that fibromyalgia is a mental illness.

    Having to fake an accent so I don’t offend anyone.

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