Book Blurbs: A Quick Question

Here is yet another challenge. Once the book is finished, how do you write a blurb that’ll draw attention, be true to the book, and entice others to read it? Sometimes there are character limits, too. It’s work, and yet another skill to learn. QE has some helpful ideas and points to good resources.

Good resources are a valuable tool in the writer’s toolbox.

Corey Truax

book blurb problems.jpgFor those of you who were worried I was blown away by the Hurricane Hermine, I’m still here.  We weren’t forced to evacuate but we sure did get pounded by wind and rain.  There’s a little bit of flooding here and there, but nothing too extreme.  With that being said, I wanted to jump right into today’s post.  It will be a short one (I’m going to drive around the neighborhood and help pick up debris).

What makes a good book blurb?  If you can get someone to pick up your book thanks to the awesome cover art you’ve won a single battle.  The second battle comes when they flip it over and read the back blurb.  I need to train for the back cover battle.

Now thatWastelander has been drafted and I’ve started working on the other facets of the production, I’ve began to research different book…

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