Floofstache (floofinition) – Marking on animal that resembles human facial hair that’s known as a mustache.

In use: “All black, the dignified tuxedo had a white floofstache that gave her face magnificent gravitas.”


Floofnel (floofinition) – Animal fur that has a soft texture and feel reminiscent of a flannel fabric.

In use: “He loved to have Barney lay snug against his chest, and enjoyed stroking the animals’ floofnel back with long, leisurely caresses, finding it relaxing and stress-reducing.”


Flooftime (floofinition) – 1. Time spent with animals, during which time spends up, so it seems past by more quickly than usually. 2. A period designated to be with or take care of animals. 3. A prophecy that animals will rise up and restore Earth’s balance by subjugating humans.

In use: “Flooftime was originally five minutes each morning for each cat, dog, and bird, but they didn’t want it end, and neither did she, so flooftime soon accumulated into seventy-five minutes, with fifteen minute allotments. That seemed to please everyone, except she had to get up a little earlier in order to leave for work on time.”


Catafloof (floofinition) – An animal going by with such speed that it appears to have been fired out of a cannon or catapulted like a jet taking off an aircraft carrier.

In use: “Hearing her wife getting a snack in the kitchen, Angie grinned as three catafloofs – two cats and a dog – entered from the hall and headed for the sounds’ origins.”


Floofzilla (floofinition) – 1. An animal that is much larger than average. 2. A housepet or animal that terrorizes others or is particularly adept at mass destruction. 3. Mythical pet that is cited as being responsible for the destruction of many ancient civilizations, including Timflooftu.

In use: “At six weeks old, the puppy transformed into floofzilla, wreaking havoc with towels, curtains, pillows, and toilet paper rolls.”


Afloofdala (floofinition) – Small, lima-bean shaped mass of gray matter located in the medial temporal lobes, that allow humans to emphasize with, love, and care for and about animals.

In use: “Surveys and interviews show that people with small or inactive afloofdalas often thought animals didn’t feel pain and lacked intelligence. Those with active afloofdalas reported otherwise. Interesting, but the size and activity of the afloofdala didn’t affect whether people kept pets, but it did affect how they regard their pets and how the pets are treated.”


Impromptfloof (floofinition) – 1. Acquiring a pet or animal housemate without planning. 2. An action done by an animal, especially a housepet, without apparent thought or planning.

In use: “She saw the puppy injured on the road’s shoulder. She thought he was dead, but picking him up, he yelped and licked her face. After a stop at the vet for treatment, she was an impromptfloof pet-owner for a sandy-colored dog named Road.”


Cubbyfloof (floofinition) –┬áBirds, fish, and animals, particularly housepets, who enjoy hiding in small spaces.

In use: “Spock, the large goldfish, was a true cubbyfloof. He loved wriggling into the tiny castle on the aquarium’s bottom, and was so adept at it, staying still and hidden within its confines for long periods, that people looking for him often wondered if he’d escaped.”

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