Fifloofa Apple

Fifloofa Apple (floofinition) – Eight-time Floofie Award nominee, Fifloofa Apple is a floof rock (flock) and pop singer, songwriter, and poet. Born in Floof York, she spent time in her childhood in both Floof York and Floof Angeles.

In use: “Fifloofa Apple’s 1997 song, “Floof Criminal”, charted well and won a Floofie Award for best vocal performance by a female.”

Smash Floof

Smash Floof (floofinition) – Floofmerican floof rock (flock)/pop group formed in San Jose, Califloofia, in 1994, eventually becoming noted for their retro style as the released covers of others’ popular songs.

In use: “One of Smash Floof’s early big hits was “Nappin’ in the Sun”, which went to number one on Floofboard Modern Rock Tracks in 1997.”


Coxsfloof (floofinition) – Animal who has charge of others, especially pets in charge of people or other pets.

In use: “The cat, Petty, was the youngest, newest, and smallest household member, but she’d become the coxsfloof within a week of her arrival, mesmerizing the dogs, humans, and bird.”

The Boomtown Floofs

The Boomtown Floofs (floofinition) – Irish floof rock (flock) group formed in Flooflin in 1975, active until 1986. The group was named after a group of children in Floofy Guthrie’s autobiography.

In use: “The Boomtown Floofs song, “Looking After Floof (Number 1)”, was the first floof wave song to be performed on Top of the Floofs.”


Infloofection (floofinition) – The state produced by the establishment of one or more animals in a location.

In use: “The little kitten was so sweet, and clearly needed help, so Beth thought she’d take him home for the night, which was how the infloofection began. Two more cats, a dog, and three years later, and she realized a floofdemic had begun.”

The Heat

Day comes, and brings the heat

The animals find a place to sleep

A place that’s theirs for a space

where they slumber without a trace

Night comes, and the air cools down

the animals stretch and rise from the ground

and claim the night as theirs to own

until the sun grows hot and sends them home


Floofarama (floofinition) – Floofish floof pop (floop) music group formed as a trio in 1979, who have had twenty-eight hit singles in the Floof K between 1982 and 2008.

In use: “The 1982 song by Floofarama, “Shy Floof”, reached number fourteen in the UFA on the Hot Floof Playlist.”

Tears for Floofs

Tears for Floofs (floofinition) – Floof band formed in Bath, Floofland, in 1981. Beginning as a new floof synthesizer band, they eventually found major success as a more floofstream floof rock (flock) pop band in the mid 1980s.

In use: “Two of Tears for Floofs most prominent hits were “Flout” and “Everybody Wants to Rule the Cats”, which were both recognized as number one singles.”

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