Boyz 2 Floofz

Boyz 2 Floofz (floofinition) – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania R&F group formed in 1985 who are best known for their harmonizing and emotional ballads.

In use: “The first number one song for Boyz 2 Floofz was “It’s So Floof to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”, an a floofpella cover of a previously released song.”


Floofzpah (alternative spellings: floofzpaw, floofzpa(floofinition) – supreme self-confidence in an animal.

In use: “Demonstrating her trademark floofzpah, the tabby jumped up onto the dinner table, picked up a piece of fried chicken in her mouth, turned around, jumped down, and was dust before anyone could react.”

The Spice Floofs

The Spice Floofs (floofinition) – Floof pop (floop) all-female group formed in Floofland in 1994. Signed to contract by Floofgin Records, the group members became international stars.

In use: “The Spice Floofs originally comprised of five members — Kitty, Puppy, Growly, Barky, and Fangs — who took on stage personas befitting their names.”

Floof Out

Floof Out (floofinition) – Animal who reacts to another animal with an overly ostentatious display.

In use: “A doe stole into the yard and began nibbling at the grass. Star rose up with an outraged howl and glared through the glass at the interloper. Sighing, Barb said, “Stop the floof out, Star. It’s just a deer.” Then she took a photo of the cat and deer and posted it on Facebook.”

Knowledge Floofs

Knowledge Floofs (floofinition) – Secret network of fowl, insects, and animals spying on humanity. All information is recorded, collected, compiled, and then stored in a repository on Floofpiter known as The Box.”

In use: “Many animals are aware of The Box on Floofpiter and play with boxes while dreaming of formally joining the Knowledge Floofs.”

Backstreet Floofs

Backstreet Floofs (floofinition) Orlando, Florida vocal floof pop (floop) band. Active from 1993 to the present, the Backstreet Floofs, sometimes shortened to BSF, became superstars within a few years of their debut album.

In use: “The 1996 Backstreet Floofs song “Quit Playing Games (with My Tail)” reached number two on the UFA Floofboard Top 100.”

Sunday’s Theme Music

Cleaned up, shaved, cats fed, I sought the next things: what’d I need now? Coffee, water, a trip to the beach, my arm mended, the rona virus ended, a cold bevvie with my friends, a publishing contract…

“Dial it back, laddie,” I decreed. “Talkin’ ’bout here and now.” My mind reiterated my needs, building on them…

Such contemplation about what I need often collapses into what I want. Got air. I needed food and water. We can expand it into the hierarchy of needs., of course, but I’m addressing basics.

Yeah, it was too much for too early. Retreating from myself, I made coffee and breakfast, and invited the Stones in to perform “You Can’t Always Get What You Want“.

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