White Privilege: ‘Are you being served?’

Another WTF America moment enshrined on the net.

Mock Paper Scissors

The United Steaks

In Possum Hollar, customer assistance improves when you are packing heat:

REPUBLIC, Mo. — On April 18, Republic Police Department officers were called to a Price Cutter to respond to a call about a robbery in which a man held an employee at gunpoint so that he would be served meat…

The employee said he received a call from the meat department about a man packing his own meat. The employee approached [Larry Gene Gay, 70, of Springfield] and told him that he could not be there. Gay got upset and said he was going to keep doing what he was doing. The employee said he was not going to help him with the meat.

“Once he held the gun to my throat — pushed it into my throat — I decided to comply,” the employee told police.

You see, the dude with his gun convinced…

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