Friday’s Theme Music

Warm with dreams and cozy under blankets, I cracked my mind open to a cat’s demands. “No,” my body said. “I want to stay in bed.”

The sentiment tempted me. Rain was falling and daylight had slipped down the spectrum into a ghostly gray. The cat persisted, as cats will do. My brain transitioned to song lyrics.

“I spent the day in bed. You can please yourself. But, I spent the day in bed.”

I’d only heard the Morrissey song a few times since its release. Not much of the words stuck to me, but I remembered, “Stop watching the news, because the news contrives to frighten you, to make you feel small and alone, to make you feel that your mind isn’t your own.”

That’s how I felt as I rose and hastened to serve my feline masters. If I couldn’t stay in bed, I wanted to go to a pub and sip a pint, but no, I must write.

Here’s the rest of “Spent the Day in Bed” for your enjoyment. How’s your day? Want to stay in bed?




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