Dream Jeans

I dreamed, among other things, I was with two of my younger sisters and their husbands, along with some of their friends. The friends were strangers to me, but one man and I spent a most of the dream together, with him loaning me items, explaining where we were and what’s going on.

As part of the dream, I’d ordered some jeans online. We were waiting for those to arrive. Once they did, we were to leave.

The jeans arrived almost immediately, with my sister answering the door and bringing the jeans in. They weren’t boxed, but stretched over a large cardboard piece. And they were ugly.

Both were light blue, much lighter than what I expected. One had a huge tear in the upper thigh. The other included a black belt, but had its zipper on the side.

My sisters, and everyone else asked, “Is that what you ordered?” Tones and expressions said, “No way.”

“I think it was.” I was trying to vet the order numbers and everything. It appeared that these were what I ordered, but they looked nothing like their online appearance. Releasing them from the cardboard, I examined them. The material was as thin as paper napkins, leading me to believe, that’s why they were so cheap. But the designs were surreal. I would never wear anything like that. Yet, I was considering it, just to defy expectations.

A conversation swirled around that point. Nothing was decided before we were off on an adventure. To be honest, it all gets cluttered at this point. There were cars, and strange game toys, and searches for gas stations. It’s a miasma of impressions, except for those jeans.

Those jeans were strange, but the guide helping me had a good sense of humor. Wish I could remember more about him.


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