Lessons Learned; First 30 Days of Self-Publishing — Joynell Schultz

I could just about add this to my blog intact as my experience, save I haven’t gone the paperback route and my parents don’t have a zoo selling my novel. But the rest stays true to my experience. It’s been a learning experience. After learning for a while, you reset, or as Bob Mustin posted, you go back to Square One.

My three biggest takeaways from Joynell’s post:

1. The digital marketplace is a swamp.
2. Not one single good source exists out there.
3. Despite the body of knowledge about publishing (self, traditional, e-publishing, etc), you end up doing a lot of trail and error to find what works.

Bonus fourth: it’s hard work. Far easier to write a book than to publish one, even if you publish it yourself.

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Since deciding to self-publish my novel, Love, Lies & Clones, I scoured the internet and obsessed over every “My First 30 Days of Self-Publishing” post; intrigued by everyone’s experience. All of them were slightly disappointing and had the same theme. How do you find readers?

Well, I thought I’d throw mine out into cyber-space too since today marks the end of my first 30 days.

Firstly, those of you who’ve been following me know my goal with writing is just to have people READ what I’ve wrote (and enjoy it.) Writing is completely a hobby so I’m not trying to make any money doing it, but I did want to share the economics. (Incidentals of writing books, computer, desk, notebooks not included.)


  • Pre-publishing costs: $265 (editing, stock photo for cover, ISBNs)
  • Post-publishing costs: $124 (advertising, print advanced reader copies)
    • Grand total of expenses: $389

Net Income for…

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