Any requests for “Writing Glitch” topics?

If you have a writing glitch, or have an issue and haven’t found a decent answer, reach out to Thomas Weaver.

North of Andover

I know some of you get bored with the same writing mechanics issues covered over and over again in these posts… I know I get tired of ’em. On the other hand, I glean the examples from things I find online (Dear Pinterest, I have plenty of glitches in my collection now. You can stop showing me examples of bad grammar and worse punctuation. So please STOP. Sincerely, Weaver), and the same issues wouldn’t continue to come up if I didn’t keep seeing them over and over again. Clearly, there are a lot of writers don’t know about commas in compound sentences. 🙂 (*narrowly avoids joking about bad punctuation habits possibly being a genetically inherited trait*)

On the other hand, I tend to cover only as much of each issue as is relevant specifically to that day’s glitch. That means I’ll tell you that a sentence needs a colon instead…

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