Today’s Theme Music

I’m still on a walking kick for my music. Today’s song burst upon the music charts and my consciousness in 1993. It was in a movie before that, though, and charted across the world a few years before I really knew it. When we heard it in the movie, we started looking for it.

My wife loves this song so it became one that we turn up loud in the car and sing along. Part of the song’s fun are the expressions used and the singers’ accents. Possessing a raucous, infectious vibe and easy words to know and sing, the song immediately joined my walking jukebox. I guess I should modernize that and say, my walking Walkman. No, that remains dated; guess I should say, my iPod, or my smart phone, or my iPhone. I don’t know; don’t use any of those things. The songs are in my head.

Sing along, walk along, swing those arms! Here are The Proclaimers with ‘I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles).


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