Today’s Dream Summaries

More intense dream sequences…more fierce writing: arc and story evolution, plot twists and character development.

The dreams…oh, boy. It seems like there were five or six of them last night. Some military elements were included, of course, because I always do dream of my military structures, jobs, situations and relationships, and some of the start-up world of my life was plugged in. Then, a strange blending of the two emerged. Records were confused from a start-up. People sought help and information. I was trying to look up information and striving to remember, what happened when, so I could provide them guidance.

I reached a pivot point. From nowhere, a very, very erotic dream that involved travel and business. My boss, a woman, and not someone real from my life, flirted with me. She was sharply drawn. I realized she wanted me. I wanted her. A game of seduction was launched. But business interrupted. Two other co-workers, male and female, showed up in the office and sat down. We needed to go on a trip now.  As we raced to organize and leave, my cousin appeared. He was a BFF in my youth. Living not far away and in the same school and the same grade, he was my most ready adventure companion. I haven’t thought of him in years.

Yet, here he was, hastening to help us leave by getting in my car to drive it off and raising my ire because my stuff was still in it. Grrrr. So what does it mean? The eternal question for my dreams. Another friend from my military days, a man also not considered for years, also made his appearance, but in the start-up world…but in his flight suit. Odd. What does it mean?

Then a third military member sought me out, asking for my advice. After we found an empty room and closed the door, he told me of a problem with his son. I wasn’t certain what he needed in return.

But…writing is part of my thinking process. I write to understand. As I write about these dreams, I realize, ah-hah, I’ve been looking at this wrong. I am not being given secret messages or answers to problems or anything; I am exploring my inner lands. I’m trying to see what’s in there. Looking at it from that perspective unfolded new insights and realizations.

More thinking (and writing) is required. This realization is like a plot twist that springs up as rumination is done about what to do, what happens next? The realization feels right: this is where I need to go. Now I need to develop the connections between this epiphany and…well, everything else between here and there. But it is exciting.

And cool.



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