A Normal Special Day

Cold drizzle glistened on the asphalt, darkening the cement, and dismaying the cats. Quinn and Meep ran for the door when I opened it. Tucker and Boo were already back inside. Pepper curled as sentry by a potted plant on the porch’s corner. Safe from the moisture, her thick black and rust coat kept her warm.

Gathering in the morning as I shifted and shivered through the forty-four degree dampness, collected the paper and hunted the gray shroud for signs of blue, I thought, the weather forecast is off. We will not reach the mid seventies today. Returning to my office in the house, I checked the forecast for updates. They insisted that right now, it was partly cloudy, so my eyes were deceiving me, because I saw no blue sky. The Weather Underground site also held firm it would be in the sixties by ten AM, with a high in the mid seventies. I didn’t believe them.

The weather had otherwise little impact on my days’ plans, except I wouldn’t be able to paint more furniture in those conditions. Exercising, cleaning, dressing, I went to the coffee shop, had a QSM and wrote. Instead of shorts, I was in jeans, and wore a sweatshirt, along with my Tilly hat. The sunglasses seemed like an optimistic statement but I kept them on.

Afterward, sunshine had shyly approached through some flimsy openings. The air had gained a little heat, if I was fully exposed to the sun. Shadows introduced chills, and the wind had a wintry bite. While it was now sixty, I doubted seventy was possible, but I was beginning to believe.

Dressed for the chillier air, my wife and I went downtown. Holding hands, we strolled through Lithia Park where the shimmering maples displayed split coats of red and green leaves, and enjoyed coffee at a table huddling in partial sunshine. Window shopping books, shoes, clothing and real estate in Main Street stores’ displays followed, and then we attended the mid-afternoon showing of Snowden. Long, the movie held our attention, with the usual acting expected of Joseph Gordon Levitt and the remaining cast, and Oliver Stone’s production values.

More walking progressed afterward as we discussed what we recalled of Edward Snowden and the press coverage of his activities. By now, the clouds had fled. A rich sun ruled and the temperature was seventy-six. I felt warm and overdressed. We dined at an outdoor table at a Chinese restaurant we wanted to try, and I enjoyed a Worker Ale. A drop in to a store to pick up a small dessert was last, and then the short drive home.

A clear sunset was falling when we turned into the driveway. And we both said as we arrived home and the garage door closed behind us, “That was a very nice outing.” Yes, low key, well paced, relaxed, like walking through a comfortable book.

More days so normal should be so special.

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