The Six Types of Writers (Reblog)

I’m a happy space cadet (as I’ve always suspected and F&F will confirm) with dreams of being a Magician. But whatever, I like lighting the fuse, blasting off and writing like crazy. BTW, I recommend the original post and QE’s post as well. Read both and enjoy.

Corey Truax


I stumbled across the above image on Twitter today and felt it was too hilarious to not share.  This image was created by Alexi Maxim Russel, on his blog, The Guerrilla Ronin Writer.  I had to play, follow-the-bread-crumbs, for about ten minutes to finally get back to the source.  I’ve saved you the trouble with the links above, and also the image is linked to a higher resolution version.

field guide to assholes.jpgIf you are unfamiliar with Russel, he has written some gems including: Alexi Maxim Russel’s Field Guide to Assholes, Instruction Manual for the 21st Century Samurai, The New Homeowner’s Guide to House Spirits, and many more.

You can probably tell by those titles that Russel has a unique outlook on the world, and this comes through in his writing and in the image above.  It should be noted, Russel is a bit of a…

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  1. Thanks for sharing the post I was also sharing! The internet is a weird game of telephone sometimes isn’t it?

    Space cadets can have magic wands too (just a thought). Good luck with your writings and try not to get lost in your interplanetary travels. If you do, send up a space flare – we’ll come find you.

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