Friday’s Theme Music

This song, “Hold On” (1983) is by Yes and comes from one of my favorite albums, 90125. The song entered today’s song when I was corresponded with someone down who was thinking about different career options, I told them to hold on, of course. Later, reflecting on the exchange, the song came to me. So, I share it with you.

Hold on. Wait. Take your time. See it through.


Saturday’s Theme Music

I awoke with a Pearl Jam/Foreigner/Yes medley bubbling through my stream, with “Alive”, “Long, Long Way from Home”, and “Roundabout” dominating. With a mental throw of some imaginary dice, “Roundabout”, Yes’ 1972 hit, was selected.

Many fond memories are associated with “Roundabout” for me, and they’re mostly related to art. I loved painting and drawing when I was young, something that I continued to do into my late twenties, playing with paints and styles. I typically put music on, and then went to town. Regular favorites cropped up. In the early days, my music was on vinyl. I had an open reel system, so I recorded a painting tape. Multiple Yes songs made it to the tape. Looking back, I realize that progressive-rock and blues dominated it.

Alright, stop writing, Michael. Here’s “Roundabout”.

Tuesday’s Theme Music

When I think of this song, I don’t think, wow, this song has been out for twenty-five years.

But then, I was taken aback that Demi Lovato fulfilled a childhood fantasy by singing with Christina Aguilera. I thought, “What…? Aguilera hasn’t been around that long.”

Yeah, in my mind world, Taylor Swift Twenty-one Pilots, Drake, Ed Sheeran, Imagine Dragons, Adele and Meghan Trainor are all fresh new voices. Hard to believe they’ve been on the scene for years. Even the Bieb has been around almost ten years.

So forgive me for thinking of this old song as new classic rock song. Time changes, when you get to be my age.

Here is Yes with “Owner of A Lonely Heart,” from way back in 1983, before Drake, Adele, Demi, and the rest of them were even born. At least Christina was born when this song came out.

Crank it up like it’s supposed to be heard.

Friday’s Theme Music

I’ve been head-streaming this off and on for the last few days. Fragile by Yes was an album we frequently listened to in art class. I always enjoyed the silent communion among students as we listened to rock music and worked on art projects. This song, “Long Distance Runaround,” grew on my consciousness, first because of the unique sounds they employed in the song, but then the lyrics drew me in. It’s progressive seventies rock at its finest.


Today’s Theme Music

Oh, Yes! Like many rock bands, Yes’ membership has changed a few times. For me, in high school in the early seventies, they were part of the core music line up in art class, as our hip teacher was convinced we would be permitted to play cassette tapes on a portable player (we didn’t call them boom boxes or ghetto blasters in those days) as part of the creativity cycle. Yes was rotated in and out with BTO, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton, Deep Purple as we painted and drew.

But today’s song is from their comeback. Having disbanded, they re-formed in 1983. (You know, whenever I write words like that, I can’t help but think of Spinal Top, the fake rock group in the center of the mocumentary, ‘This Is Spinal Tap’. ) When ‘90125’ was released in 1983, it was added to the listening library on Okinawa alongside Boston, the Rolling Stones, ZZ Top, Eric Clapton…hmmm….

Here is one of the most known songs from Yes, ‘Owner of a Lonely Heart’. As they say, the owner of a lonely heart is much better than the owner of a broken heart. Rock lyrics…only the Kinks worked hard on language. Whatever: “You’ve to to want to succeed.”

Crank it.

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