The Tricorder Dream

I began as a fighter pilot but upon returning from a mission, I changed clothes and started writing computer programs as part of a small startup. In my early thirties (from appearance), I was initially writing programs as a database manager while serving as a mid-level manager overseeing several functions, including data collection and entry. The company was involved with a new medical process and was going through clinical trials and marketing trials. Several RL people from my RL employment with medical device companies appeared in the dream. I knew the details of the trial in the dream, but it was all glossed over and they’re lost now. What the company was doing wasn’t working but I realized that another benefit was possible. That’s what I began writing a program. It was to work with a scanner to be a sort of medical tricorder (as used in Star Trek). I developed a form for the scan to fill out. Each iteration helped me refine and expand what the tricorder could do. I became immensely excited because they could be manufactured and sold cheaply, enabling people to scan themselves non-invasively at home without a need for blood and urine panels, x-rays, or MRIs. It would be a proactive tool to get ahead of your body’s trends before they became a problem. You could easily baseline your norms and then keep testing yourself to see what changes had taken place. The dream ended with me scanning myself as a test subject.

The Startup Dream

Overall, this was a fun dream. Very colorful, sharp, and energetic. Young, I was with a tech startup company. There were about twenty of us, but we were having success and hiring to expand. None of them were recognized as people from my real life.

The atmosphere was jubilant, almost giddy. Then one male co-worker came in and told the CEO, “I know it’s not appropriate, but that woman you hired has a great ass.” I was mortified that he said that, but also intrigued: I wanted to see this ‘great ass’.

We launched a new product variation. It went well. A marketing campaign was initiated that involved people pretending to trash the office. That didn’t sit well with me, leaving me shaking my head and telling them that I didn’t agree with it, that I didn’t see the purpose, and that I was thought it was wrong and misleading. I watched several hirees going through breaking things as part of the campaign. When they were done, I was given a list of things to fix but discovered they hadn’t broken anything that I was tasked to fix.

A group of us left to go out on the town and celebrate. First there was the matter of changing clothes. I had some new garments and put them on, including shorts and sandals. I was with the others when I put my sandals on. Several people complimented me on me leg muscles. I answered, “Thanks, I walk ten to twelve miles a day.” I took special care about fastening my sandals, as the straps were different and unusual.

Then we left to find a place to eat and go dancing. End dream.

The Wait

I write on a laptop, typing and editing as I go. It has its bennies and shortcomings. For instance, you ever become so excited to write and edit, so looking forward to getting started that the muses are singing in your head and their energy is coursing in your blood vessels? But then you must turn…on…the…computer….





I am exaggerating. It doesn’t take two million years, but rather about three minutes, what with the things that are done automatically on startup, like Internet connections and security software updates. It just feels like a looonnnggg three minutes.

But it’s all open now. I have fresh coffee at hand. Time to write and edit like crazy, at least one more time.

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