Monday’s Theme Music

Salutations, and welcome to another Monday, the last of March’s Mondays, making it March 29, 2021. Or is it being March 29, 2021 that makes it Monday?

Sol snuck in around 6:59 AM in Ashland! Woo hoo! Solar exit for our spring-blessed land is anticipated at 7:33 PM Pacific. All kinds of problems are expected if the sun doesn’t do its thing then.

We’re rejoicing in the household. Ever Given, ever stuck — well, six days and nights — in the Suez Canal is finally free. I haven’t read much about it. I’m waiting for the movie. I think Tom Hanks will star in some capacity.

Yesterday was a quintessential spring day. Bold sunshine, warm air, and temperatures that briefly clipped 70 degrees F. I had high hopes for yard work but was sucked into a reading vortex. Nothing that I could do broke the book’s hold. Like I tried (sarcasm). I needed to read it all the way through. Except for eating and some light cleaning and of course, floofwork, reading and writing was all I did. Grand.

Today’s song is a one-hit wonder for Jo Jo Gunne. Called “Run, Run, Run”, the song hit charted number six in the U.K in 1972 but didn’t crack the top ten elsewhere. Haven’t a notion about the Wayback Machine’s machinations in delivering it to my mind’s surface thoughts on this March day. Well, it came about last night while I was gazing out the window, admiring the impending sunset and the illuminating effect on a clot of clouds being lit from behind. See the connection? Neither do I. The records show I selected this as a theme song back in 2019 PC but I was running at the time.

Hope you sample and enjoy it. This video and sound isn’t top quality but I enjoy seeing the era’s hair and clothing. Watching the band play is a kick. Meanwhile, stay positive, test negative, wear a mask, and get the vax. Cheers

Friday’s Theme Music

This song popped up from the memory banks into the active stream yesterday as I was hurrying along. I have to get this done so that I can get home and get that done, I thought. Better get running. (It’s a mode that I dislike – run and get things done – anathema to my general philosophy.) A second later, JoJo Gunn’s 1972 song, “Run, Run, Run” was there.

Not much to the song, really. Some pleasant slide work, a fast beat, lyrics about running.

Sunday’s Theme Music

I don’t think I’ve heard this song for yonks. It entered my stream because I was running. Someone in my head started shouting, “Run, fool, run,” whenever I flagged. Thinking, distraction is needed, I began thinking, “Run, run, run.” Quick as that, Jo Jo Gunne’s 1972 song, “Run Run Run” cranked into the stream, although I also flashed on the 1998 German movie, “Run Lola Run”.

Here we go. Have a Sunday run. I was running on Saturday, but whatev.


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