Super Floof

“Away,” the floof cried with a flashing leap,

Traveling faster than their paws.

Their antics amaze us, they are so stupendous,

We literally drop our jaws.

They dash into the room and look around,

Then they’re off again with a single bound.

A super floof in their own eyes,

Super cat, super duper dog, they try to prove they can fly.

And when they wear out all their speed,

They bring their empty tummies to us to fill their needs.


Different floofs leave these places

with bits of fur and other traces

bite marks, claw scratches,

round dimples in furniture

where they made their beds

their scents fade

and the signs disappear

but we remember these floofs

which we hold so dear

Final Words

The dyin’ man

in the dyin’ land

said with his dyin’ breath,

“Life is not a fantasy,

it’s always been a test.

“I’ve done some harm,

caused some alarm,

and failed more than one person.

“I had some dreams,

and made some schemes,

but never found my purpose.

“But now I lay me down to sleep, 

I’m about to close my eyes,

say what you will ’bout me,

I don’t care, I died.”

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