Floofsurp (floofinition) – for an animal to seize and hold objections, locations, or food in possession by force or without right.

In use: “Thowing a hissy fit, the fierce little cat floofsurped the big St. Bernard’s bed, leaving the huge canine floofmmoxed.”

Door Floof

Door Floof (floofinition) – Animal obsessed with doors.

In use: “Tucker could not stand a closed door. Pantry, front, closet, the door floof liked to stand beside whatever closed door he encountered and demand the door be opened for him to look within. What humans didn’t understand was that he was checking for invaders from other dimensions. He didn’t want to do it, but it was his duty.”


Libflooftarian (floofinition) 1. Animal who enjoys minimum supervision, rules, or intervention by others.

In use: “Many cats are natural libflooftarians, eschewing assistance and ignoring rules, going wherever they want, doing whatever they wish.”

2. Movement which upholds maximum freedom for animals.

In use: “Libflooftarians stand against caged chickens, pigs, and cows, applauding such laws Proposition 12 passed in California in 2018, which requires animals be given enough space to stand and turn around, as a first decent step.”

Schrödinger’s Floof

Schrödinger’s Floof (floofinition) – A pet who may or may not hear their name being called and who may or may not respond.

In use: “Every cat he ever had seemed to be Schrödinger’s floof, but that never deterred him from walking around shouting their name, although it did exasperate him and cause him to swear.”


Floofnosticate (floofinition) – An animal’s ability to foretell events.

In use: “When the cat jumped up on the counter and began stalking items, the dog sat up with a soft, “Ruff,” and watched in amusement, floofnosticating that the cat was going to knock things over and get into trouble.”


Floofstare (floofinition) – Intense gazing done by an animal to draw attention and to make others do their bidding. Floofstares can be enhanced by longing, such as a need for a treat or some attention, or emotions, such as anger because their food bowl is partially empty.

In use: “He was busy typing but the ginger boi settled in the office door and focused a floofstare on him. As time went on and the power intensified, he had no choice but to go do what the cat wanted because he could no longer endure the floofstare.”


Flooftoon (floofinition) – Drawings of animals depicting them expressing funny views or in humorous situations. Cartoons may be a series of drawings or animated.

In use: “Christmas trees and ornaments prompt many flooftoons about pets’ reactions to the holiday decorations, i.e., a dog complaining that he’s not allowed to have a stick in the house but people have brought in an entire tree, or a cat plotting to attack and destroy the tree and its decorations.”


Infloofture (floofinition) – To be emotionally or spiritually in debt to an animal.

In use: “She was inflooftured to the small rescue dog, a white thing of uncertain breeds with a perpetual smile, for he calmed her son whenever he was frightened, anxious, or upset, going to the boy before anyone else even knew what was wrong and then just sitting with him, leaning against him, reassuring him that someone was there.”


Floofersonic (floofinition) – An animal who appears to be faster than sound, a deception animals can foster by utilizing quantum motion to travel, one of many methods which animals employ to keep humans confused.

In use: “Trying to find where her dog was by following his manic barking, Brenda mused the beast had become floofersonic. By the time she found him, he was in the sofa seat that she’d vacated to go search for him.”

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