Octfloofberfest (floofinition) – 1. Annual observance, usually held in October, to celebrate animals, especially housepets. 2. Any celebration done in recognition of, or association with, eight animals.

In use: “After adding a rescue Pittie and introducing her to the rest of the floofmagerie, they held an Octfloofberfest in honor of their eight pets. Treats for everyone!”


Flooftober (floofinition) – a celebration dedicated to pets and animals. In some places, it never ends.

See also: Flooftoberfest

In use: “Raising a sweaty mug of sudsy beer, he shouted, “Happy Flooftober. Who wants a treat?” As the dogs and cats trotted forward, tails wagging or up, as was their style, he opened bags and began giving each a treat.”


Flooftoberfest (floofinition) – an annual festival that emphasizes celebrating pets.

See also: Flooftober

In use: “Every year without fail, the Richmond home began the ten day celebration that became known as Flootoberfest. As was their practice, they began by giving their cats and dogs a bath as the bird watched and made comments.”


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