Tuesday’s Theme Music

The sun also ‘rises’ and then it ‘sets’. That’s our perspective. From this perspective on Tuesday, July 20, 2021, that happens at 5:52 AM and 8:41 PM.

Wildfires continue. Heat continues. Drought. COVID-19. Politics. Climate change. Battles for social justice. Equality. Equal opportunity. Efforts to deny those continue unabated, too, usually under the flimsiest of logic.

I was up after midnight last night — not unusual. With the wife in bed and the cats usually hanging on the front porch or back patio, after midnight is when I get my alone time. Midnight is featured in many songs. Bunch traveled through my head. One took it by storm, though: “Living After Midnight” by Judas Priest, from waaayyy back in 1980. FORTY-ONE YEARS AGO. An OMG moment that made me laugh.

Stay positive, test negative, wear a mask as needed, and get the vax. Here’s the music. Cheers

Monday’s Theme Music

I was working on my jigsaw puzzle late Sunday afternoon. Fifteen hundred pieces, it’s been slow progress. My wife rarely works on it (it doesn’t draw her – c’est la vie), and I work on it during free time. But I’m close to finishing it (well, it’s eighty percent done) and other puzzles are waiting, so I working on it.

Then I hear, “You won’t hear me.”


“But you’ll feel me.”

It was my mind, of course. “I’m busy,” I said. “Go away.”

“Without warning, sometimes dawning, listen.”

“Wait a minute. I know those words.”

Then — bam bam bam bam bap — “Turbo Love” (1986) by Judas Priest blew into my head.

“Really?” I asked my mind. “Why?”

My mind responded by playing “Turbo Lover” over and over. So, it’s one of those ronasits that I need to share it with you to get it out of my head.

Hope you enjoy it. My mind seemed to. Check out the video at least. Such an eighties look.

Wednesday’s Theme Music

It’s a lovely spring southern Oregon day. The dogwoods are living up to their pink and white hype, splashing delicious contrast against the valley’s spring green. A day like this calls for a little metal. “Breaking the Law”, Judas Priest, is currently streaming through the cerebellum. It’s a direct cause and effect stream, triggered by watching drivers try to drive, while talking on their cell phones, eating food, and applying cosmetics. It’s a circus act!

Look at her, putting her lip stick on, weaving in her lane, speeding up and slowing down, breaking the law, breaking the law.

Look at him, wheeling that eighties era Chrysler around the corners, one hand holding a phone, the other holding a cigarette and hanging onto the wheel, breaking the law, breaking the law.

And look at her, meandering through the traffic instead of bothering to use crosswalks, forcing everyone to stop and wait for her, breaking the law, breaking the law.

Yeah, I got an uptight, fucked up mind.

Today’s Theme Music

Back at it. Things usually don’t work out as expected or desired for me. I plan for a reasonable knock-off of the best and forge forward. Yeah.

I have this thing going on, this writing thing. Besides the arc of learning, there are the arcs of success, not just with a career, but with each novel, every effort and each writing day. Some days, I want to chuck it. Those days are infrequent and come about when I’m hunting for something I think is missing. I’ll not give up. In the immortal lyrics of Judas Priest, “You think I’ll let it go, you’re mad, you got another thing comin’.”

Here they are, singing all about it back in nineteen eighty-two. Hope it helps you crystallize your determination.

Now, nose down, time to write like crazy, at least one more time.

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