Wednesday’s Theme Music

This one came into the stream out of nowhere. I call it nowhere, but it’s connections in my brain, innit? Sometimes, the how and why of deliveries to the stream is self-evident; other times, the connections are deep or nebulous, or too esoteric for the conscious mind to easily hunt down.

Either way, I like to go with the flow. So, today, from 1970, we have John Fogerty with “Long As I Can See The Light”. It’s post CCR, but an interesting cover, from 2010.


Monday’s Theme Music

You often hear what’ll happen someday. Biggest of that is, “Someday, we’ll understand.” But, for a lot of us, for many of these prophecies, someday never comes.

It was part of my morning circle. When will this come about? What day? Someday. Well, sometimes someday never comes.

John Fogerty was writing about his parents’ divorce and his own marriage breaking up when he wrote “Someday Never Comes”. I enjoy CCR’s music because of the beats and a general buoyancy they project, but Fogerty’s lyrics were often observational essays.

Here’s “Someday Never Comes” (1972).

First thing I remember was askin’ papa, “Why?”, for there were many things I didn’t know
And daddy always smiled; took me by the hand, sayin’, “Someday you’ll understand”
Well, I’m here to tell you now each and ev’ry mother’s son
You better learn it fast; you better learn it young, ’cause someday never comes


Saturday’s Theme Music

Walking along in damp and chilly sunlit air, my writing energies bubbled up. I was ready to write. From that streamed the phrases, “Put me in, coach, I’m ready to write today.” That’s a twist on the John Fogerty song, “Centerfield” from the album with the same name (1985). The song has become a baseball stadium mainstay in America. At least one major league player has complained about hearing it so often.

“Don’t say it ain’t so, you know the time is now.”


Wednesday’s Theme Music

Today’s music is “Sharp Dressed Man,” but this is being performed by John Fogerty and Billy Gibbons, representing two of the FM staples of my rock era, CCR and ZZ Top.  Of course, I used to sing, “Every girl’s crazy about a short, fat man,” as the main chorus in “Sharp Dressed Man.” Ah, it’s musicians playing and having fun.


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