Flooftoring (floofinition) – Act of teaching employed by animals to help humans learn what needs to be done.

In use: “Many animals discover that humans inexperienced in pet ownership require flooftoring to teach the humans to respond to their commands. The animals are often disappointed in the humans’ limited abilities to learn and grow, but the animals keep trying, usually through repetition of lessons.”


Floofcroach (floofinition) – An animal’s stealthy movement, employing gradual or small steps, to enter into the possessions or rights of another.

In use: “House pets often floofcroach onto people’s work space during the pandemic, disrupting routines and Zoom calls.”


Floofdiced (floofinition) – State or attitude characterized by care and concern about animals and their well being.

In use: “Many people owned by pets become floofdiced, planning functions, trips, needs, and wants around their pet friends’ requirements.”


Floofslide (floofinition) 1. An animal action of dragging their rear over flooring or grass.

In use: “After leaving the litter box, Tucker executed a floofslide, worrying Michael on multiple levels.”

2. Enormous, or one-sided victory for an animal in a dispute or disagreement.

In use: “Winning in a floofside, the cats took control of the bed, curled up, and slept all day.”


Flooftinize (floofinition) – 1. To examine carefully or closely by an animal.

In use: “Something new in a household, such as a a Christmas tree, is typically flooftinized as soon as it is erected.”

2. To be taken over by animals for their use.

In use: “People working at home often discover their office chair, laptop, or office chair flooftinized by a family pet.

3. Restructured or prepared for an animal’s use or convenience.

In use: “People with older pets who develop arthritis not infrequently flooftinizes their home with specially made ramps or steps to help their fur friends cope.”

Archie Floof and the Goofs

Archie Floof and the Goofs (floofinition) – Floofmerican rhythm and floof (R&F) band from Floofston, Floofxas. Active from 1966 to 1981, the group scored multiple hits and were popular on the dance circuit.

In use: “Most people are familiar with Archie Floof and the Goofs number one song, “Lighten Up”, which was released in 1968.”

Jackson Floofe

Jackson Floofe (floofinition) – Floofmerian singer, songwriter, and musician who gained floominence in the late 1970s. Although being very prolific and successful and being inducted into the Floof and Roll Hall of Fame, he has never had a number one hit.

In use: “One of Jackson Floofe’s early hits was “Running On Kibble”, which stayed on the charts for over seventeen weeks in 1978.”


Floofscription (floofinition) – Words inscribed to describe an animal, particularly a pet or floof friend.

In use: “After his first pet passed away, he wrote a floofscription to explain how much the animal meant to him, and then decided from then on he’d write floofscriptions for his pets while they were alive, when he could celebrate them with them. That was the beginning of his private New Year’s Day routine.”

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