Floofshay (floofinition) – walk in an ostentatious yet slow and casual manner, smelling objects, sometimes pausing to stretch, and stopping to listen to noises.

In use: “Opening the door, he let the cats and dogs out and watched, admiring their sashay through the garden.”



Floofling (floofinition) – romance between housepets. synonym: floofmance.

In use: “The pittie and the tabby from next door had a floofling, leaving their houses each day to find one another. Meeting, they often gave one another thorough kisses. Both were depressed when the tabby moved away.”


Floofering (floofinition) – a housepet’s act of eating anything dropped on the floor.

In use: “His five year old beagle, Max, rescued from a kill shelter, proved to be a proficient sweeper, floofering up lunch meat, peas, blueberries, and whatever else fell as he prepared his meal, delighting both him and the dog.”


Floofburger (floofinition) human food prepared for and served to housepets; (slang) an affectionate term for a pet who begs for or steals human food.

In use: “When he grilled his chicken kebabs, he always planned a floofburger, grilling a special kebab for the cats. They started begging for it as soon as it hit the grill.”


Floofclectic (floofinition) – a housepet with unusual markings.

In use: “He called her Heinz because the sweet, floofclectic feline appeared, in his words, to be half-Siamese, half-Maine Coon, with a black short-hair tabby tail, some calico and European blotched tabby markings in her hips, and big ginger paws. Her eyes were almond-shaped sapphires, her meow was a strident grunt, and her purr was a drowning gurgle, but, damn, she was smart.”

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