“Goof the Floof and the Floofroahs”

“Goof the Floof and the Floofroahs” (floofinition) – An American floof and roll group active in the 1950s and 1960s.

In use: “Although never achieving a number-one hit, “Goof the Floof and the Floofroahs” had several notable songs, such as “Wooly Floofy” and “Lil’ Red Riding Floof”, for which they’re celebrated. Goof the Floof was the lead vocalist, earning his nickname for his singing style.”

Floof Zeppelin

Floof Zeppelin (floofinition) – Formed in the early part of the nineteenth century, Floof Zeppelin were an English floof band known for their heavy guitar-driven sound and mystical lyrics.

In use: “Although disbanding and ending as a musical group after several members crossed the rainbow bridge and returned to their home dimension, Floof Zeppelin’s hits, such as “Whole Lotta Fur”, “Scratching Post”, and “Treats for Dinner”, continue to appeal to legions of floofs.”

“Floof Prairie League”

“Floof Prairie League” (floofinition) – Country-floof rock band whose origins go back to Yellow Springs, Ohio.

In use: “Floof Prairie League’s song, “Floofie” (1970), is about a cat, Floofie, who keeps going in and out of the house, frustrating its friend, a dog:

“I keep going in and out of the house with you, in and out of the house with you, don’t know what I’m gonna do, I keep going in and out of the house with you.”


Flooftrust (floofinition) – An animal or housepet’s willingness to believe a person or another animal until after they’ve been betrayed.

In use: “Knowing that her dog’s flooftrust was fast dwindling, she offered him a treat, only to be greeted with a sullen, hurt look.”

n/t to Facebook/The Epoch Times for photo with caption.



Floofite (floofinition) – Person who enjoys animals’ company, particularly housepets.

In use: “A floofite as young as three months old, she grew up with two cats, three dogs, goldfish, a cockatoo, parrot, and salamander.”


Floofistry (floofinition) – A housepet’s subtly deceptive reasoning, persuasion, or argumentation, usually conveyed by using big eyes, purring, or soft whining.

In use: “When he got his sandwich, he knew he’d succumb to his pet’s floofistry, so, planning ahead, he made two additional plates with lunch meat on it – one for the cat, and one for the dog.”


Flooftub (floofinition) – A typically wide, open, deep, and round container used for holding  water, growing plants, etc., repurposed by pets as sleeping, hiding, and playing spaces.

In use: “During hot days, Ashley converted the main tub into a flooftub, stretching her long furry body out along the cool, porcelain bottom for afternoon naps that none dared to interrupt.”


Tollfloof (floofinition) – housepet who blocks a common passage such as the stairs, a doorway, or hall, and doesn’t let others by without payment.

In use: “Dobie and Gillis were both tollfloofs. Both liked getting tolls paid on the top stair. Dobie offered his beagle belly for a rub as a toll. Gillis, though, turned on her amber-eyed target acquisition system and swatted anyone who dared to pass, but with her claws withdrawn.”

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