Floofsense (floofinition) – Animal’s ability to perceive things from a distance and through walls and floors.

In use: “Using his keenly tuned floofsense, Atlas detected a squirrel outside in the yard, downstairs, and raced down to a window to spy on the wily creature, irritating Suzanne, who’d been in bed and just wanted to sleep.”


Floofveillance (floofinition) – An animal’s close watch kept over someone or something.

In use: “Although always respectful and well-behaved (unlike others she could name, like the cats), the German Shepherd maintained floofveillance on the grill as the steaks cooked.”


Flooftypal (floofinition) – Very typical of a certain kind of animal.

In use: “Mama Meow was one of the growing flooftypal mothers seen on the net of late, willing and eager to raise orphaned babies from another species — squirrels, in this instance.”


Floofspringa (floofinition) – Rite of passage in a young animal’s life commemorated by running briskly around, jumping, and making substantial noise. Rutting might also be involved. Also sometimes spelled Floofschpringe or Floofshpringa.

In use: “Cats, of course, never keep to a standardized calendar or date regarding Floofspringa, going Floofspringa nuts whenever the impulse seized them, which was often while humans are asleep and the sun is below the horizon.”


Floofnacular (floofinition) – Animal’s ordinary speech and language which is specific to regions or species.

In use: “Although Max was bilingual, the dog sometimes confused what the cat, Snuffy, meant, due to differences in the floofnacular, but both continued learning and the differences didn’t prevent them from napping together. Nap was the same in both floofnaculars.”


Solfloof (floofinition) – Animal who enjoys sunshine.

In use: “Although the cats enjoyed prowling the night, during the day, they were genuine solfloofs, sleeping and preening in the sun, rulers of the night, replenishing their energy.”

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