The Halloween Puzzle

We finally completed our Halloween puzzle. Yes, it’s late.

We started off strong, finding the edges and putting it together. Then, life intervened. We wanted to work on the puzzle, but we had so many other things drawing our attention. That probably sounds strange during the COVID-19 Lockdown and Social-distancing Era (henceforth called CLASE). I’m a writer, though, and focused on that. Then there was exercising, fall yardwork, and cleaning house. And the NFL football season began. My wife was busy with exercise and dance classes via zoom, reading, socializing, and making us wonderful soups. (She’s making two more this weekend. Can’t wait.)

So other things occupied our time. But I’d go by it and think, “I should be able to get that area done easily enough.” Sure. Right.

There are thirteen cats. I started by hunting for cat pieces. As the cats were by the pumpkin patch — and the pumpkins are bright orange and easily spotting — I started hunting for and selecting those pieces. I would notice house pieces, sky, etc., and set those aside in other piles, mostly so they were out of my way.

Then, you know how it is with a puzzle. One area gets almost finished, but where the heck is that last piece? Meanwhile, as you search for missing last pieces, other things seem to magically come together.

The next thing I knew, the puzzle had sucked me in.

It was a lot of fun, and a good diversion, if that’s what you want.

All Floofs’ Day

All Floofs’ Day (floofinition) – Floofiday established to celebrate all floofs. Also known as Refloofmation Day and Floofoween.

In use: “In modern floof culture, many floofs celebrate All Floofs’ Day by exchanging identities with other floofs and alternatively playing tricks on humans and other animals or begging for treats.”

New Puzzle

We were off jigsaw puzzles for the summer. It was a deliberate decision. Gardening called my wife, and reading called us both, and I was doing some DIY stuff until I broke my arm. Now, arm healed, the days have become cooler and shorter, and it seems like it’s time for a jigsaw puzzle. Also, the theme is Halloween. My wife saw it online and thought it’d be fun.

So here we go.

Thursday’s Theme Music

I probably heard this song yesterday while traveling, but it popped into my head this morning when I was dealing with Boo.

Boo is a big black cat that’s missing his tail. He showed up in our backyard several years ago. Nobody claimed him or reported him missing. We think that’s because Boo has PTSD. Somebody seriously abused him and left him permanently freaked out. He’s a challenge to love, even though he wants love.┬áSo, speaking to him this morning, I mentioned my sweet little psycho.

Boom. Ava Max’s 2018 song, “Sweet but Psycho” leaped into the stream. Perfect for the Halloween theme sweeping the day.

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