Floofnel (floofinition) – Animal fur that has a soft texture and feel reminiscent of a flannel fabric.

In use: “He loved to have Barney lay snug against his chest, and enjoyed stroking the animals’ floofnel back with long, leisurely caresses, finding it relaxing and stress-reducing.”


Floofpuccino (floofinition) – 1. A pet with coffee and cream fur. 2. A cappuccino with pet fur found in it.

In use: “Her eyes were bright blue but with her markings, the friendly little stray cat was a foamy floofpuccino.”


Exfloofiate (floofinition) – to animal fur from clothing, furniture, food, and other items.

In use: “She loved her Samoyed, Thor, but the boy could shed white fur like nobody’s business, requiring extensive and persistent exfloofiating.”


Floofbeard (catfinition) – an accumulation of hair on your face from your pet’s demonstrations of affection.

In use: “Quinn leaped up onto Michael’s lap and then marched straight up to Michael’s face. After mewing a greeting, Quinn began purring, rubbing his face against Michael’s cheeks and chin, and nipping Michael’s chin and nose. Within seconds, Michael had acquired a floofbeard.”



Plethfura (catfinition) – an excessive quantity of cat fur, but also sometimes used in reference to dog fur, or animal fur in general.

In use: “With three long-hair cats, a plethfura resulted, requiring daily diligence to reduce the plethfura. If daily rituals of sweeping and vacuuming weren’t followed, the plethfuras congregated, becoming kittenish in size and substance. Thinking about that scared her into worrying that if the plethfura weren’t swept up, a lightning strike might bring these collections to life.”

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