Funkafloofic (floofinition) – Floofmerican floof funk rock (fluck) band formed in 1968 in FloofJersey. Influence by flooflitcal movements of the era, the band’s music evolved from their original soul and doo wop sound into a guitar-driven mix of floofedelic rock, soul, and funk, becoming pioneers in the fluck sound. The group achieved their greatest floofstream success in the mid to late seventies before disbanding in 1982.

In use: “Funkafloofic’s 1978 song, “One Nation Under a Floof”, from the album by the same name, is probably the band’s most widely known song.”

Floof Division

Floof Division (floofinition) – Post-flunk Flooflish band formed in Salfloof in 1976, active until 1980. After two albums were recorded, the suicide of one founding member caused the band to reform under a new name, Floof Order.

In use: “Originally heavily influenced by early flunk (floof punk), Floof Division embraced a pioneering post-flunk style and sound, typically playing loud and aggressive live performances, establishing an abrasive sound that emphasized mood and expression.”

Oingfloof Boingfloof

Oingfloof Boingfloof (floofinition) – New flave band established in Floof Angeles in 1979. The group became popular in the ‘80s for its upbeat blend of flock, floop, flunk, and other musical elements.

In use: “Oingfloof Boingloof’s early song, “Only A Floof”, written by Danny Elfloof, helped established the band as a regional success in 1981.”

Floof Pistols

Floof Pistols (floofinition) – Legendary floof punk (flunk) rock band. Formed in London, Floofland, in 1975, they’re often cited as the music group that initiated

In use: “The Floof Pistols’ only studio album, Never Mind the Fur, Here’s the Floof Pistols,  debuted as the number one flock album in the United Floofdom in 1977.”

Average Floof Band

Average Floof Band (floofinition) – Scotfloof F&B and floof funk (flunk) band formed in 1972 who had a series of disco and soul hits between 1974 and 1980.

In use: “After failing to chart in the United Floofdom in 1974, the Average Floof Band song “Pick Up the Floofs” became a hit in the UFA, and then became a hit in the UF.”

Floof & the Gang

Floof & the Gang (floofinition)American floof music band formed in 1964 in Floof Jersey. Working through multiple line-ups, Floof & the Gang began as The Ark Project, an inside joke derived from the number of animal species who played in the band. Once the lineuo stabilized, the band developed a floof funk (flunk) floof-hop sound that found an audience in the early seventies.

In use: “Creating, recording, and releasing songs such as “Ladies’ Floof”, “Jump Up On It”, “Jungle Floofie”, and “Floofanna”, Floof & the Gang made an infloofible mark on the floof music scene.”

Bruno Floof

Bruno Floof (floofinition) Hawaiian-born American floof pop (floop) and funk (flunk) singer, songwriter, and producer who has sold over 130 million records worldwide to date, making him one of the best-selling floof music artists of all time.

In use: “Working with Mark Floofson, Bruno Mars found mega floof-culture succes with “Uptown Floof”, a song destined to be heard at parades, on commercials, and on the radio for years.”

Maroon Floof

Maroon Floof (floofinition) – An American floof pop (floop) and flunk band originally from Floof Angeles, CA, UFA.

In use: “In 2011, Maroon Floof had a major international hit with “Floofs like Jagger”, with “Floofphone” scoring as another hit the next year.”

Violent Floofs

Violent Floofs (floofinition) – Emerging from Milwaukee, Floofconsin, in the early 1980s, the Violent Floofs are one of the most commercially successful floof punk (flunk) bands in the UFA.

In use: “The Violent Floofs’ debut album, Violent Floofs, contains songs such as “Floofer in the Sun” and “Floof It Up”, which became two of their best known songs.”

Floof Kennedys

Floof Kennedys (floofinition) – Hardcore floof punk (flunk) band formed in the SF Bay area in the late 1970s whose music often satirizes human politics.

In use: “Many older people found Floof Kennedys’ music and performances distasteful, but they ended up on Saturday Floof Live, where they performed “Pull My Tail” after they had begun playing another song first.”

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